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"I’ve been speaking and preaching for over 20 years and over that time I’ve met a lot of interesting people. But I rarely have the opportunity to actually talk with those interesting people - about everything from their thoughts on religion, to their childhoods, to what’s on their Netflix queue. This podcast will let me do that. Think Marc Maron meets Brennan Manning if they were raised by Tammy Faye." -- Jay Bakker
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Feb 17, 2016

This week, Jay gets to talk to Dan Savage, prominent LGBTQ activist, author, and host of "Savage Lovecast." Tune in for a debate about LGBTQ rights and the Christian right in America.

Feb 3, 2016
This week's guest: Brian Fennell of the band Barcelona. Barcelona is a Seattle-based band whose music has been featured on shows like Grey's Anatomy and Sons of Anarchy. Brian and Jay also happen to be brothers-in-law. They talk covering Taylor Swift, having newborns and getting the Barcelona Twitter handle before the city did.
You can stream or download Barcelona's music from their website,

You can find information about their upcoming tour here:

Jan 20, 2016

Most people don't trust their own spouse with their money. This group of four women living in South Minneapolis share every penny they make. They call their home "The W.O.M.B."
These four women earn different amounts of money, have different careers, backgrounds, and student loans. But everything they make goes into one account, and what they take out is meticulously budgeted and its use voted on. And a large portion of their money goes back into their community, either through non-profits or small businesses.  “The money is never really ours," says Emma, a founding member.
"It’s just in our hands for a little bit and we redirect it to where it needs to go.”


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Jan 6, 2016
In this week's episode, Jay talks with April Richardson, one of the comedians behind Chelsea Lately and the new TruTV show Almost Genius. Last year, April did a comedy tour called "Louder Than Bombing," in which she followed Morrissey as he toured the US, doing stand up in every city he stopped in and going to all of his shows.
Jay and April talk about living in Atlanta in the 90's, why pastors are like comedians, and, of course, a lot about Morrissey.
You can follow April on Twitter (@apey) and Instagram (aprilrich), both of which we would highly recommend.
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Dec 23, 2015

Lydia and Jay discuss the early years of Revolution. Lydia, now an artist, met Jay when he was passing out fliers for his tiny congregation at clubs in Atlanta. In the fifteen years since, they have put on sermons at punk rock venues, seen marriages bloom and then fall apart, and supported each other through their mothers’ deaths.


Lydia's artwork is at her website,


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Dec 9, 2015

Todd Melby spent years in the oilfields of North Dakota, documenting the boom—and eventually, the bust—of the industry. During that time, he created radio stories for NPR and Prairie Public, and a series of documentaries for PBS. In this week’s episode, Jay speaks with Todd about what drew him to this subject, his experimental approach to journalism, and why North Dakota is the most dangerous place for people to work in America.

You can explore "Oil To Die For," Todd's interactive documentary, at


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Dec 5, 2015

Thanks to all the folks who contributed to our Kickstarter, we are premiering Season 2 on Wednesday, December 9th! Listen to a clip from our Season 2 premiere, a conversation with reporter Todd Melby on why he wanted to document life in North Dakota's oilfields.

Nov 11, 2015

Ryan Meeks, a pastor at a megachurch outside of Seattle, talks to Jay about reconciling his Christian faith with his belief in LGBTQ rights, and the price he paid for going public.


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Nov 10, 2015

Jay plays a clip from the special upcoming episode, an interview with megachurch pastor Ryan Meeks. Meeks lost half his congregation when he openly became LGBTQ-affirming.

The episode will be a sneak peek into Season 2 of "This is Radio Cast." The rest of the season will be released if we hit our goal on Kickstarter. Contribute now to hear the rest of Season 2:

Jul 29, 2015

Andrew Forsthoefel walked across America - 4,000 miles - while wearing a sign on his back that said, "Walking to Listen." He talked to countless strangers along the way and took over 85 hours of audio, which he turned into a radio story that was featured on This American Life.

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Jul 22, 2015

Jay talks with author, legendary tattoo artist and outlaw, Jonathan Shaw.

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Jul 15, 2015

Stuff-maker, artist, skateboarder, dad, husband, inspiration. He doesn’t like to use the word amazing but we’re gonna say he’s an amazing human being. 

"Art is when you come up with a solution that’s a far greater pain in the ass than your problem. If you do it anyway, that’s art.” 

 - Mac Premo


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Jul 8, 2015

Logan Jaffe and Zachary Zigelko are the creators of Battle Flag, a documentary and multimedia experience which explores various perspectives on the confederate flag and its place is in America.

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Jul 1, 2015

John Currence is a Southern chef, award winning restaurateur, writer and LGBTQ rights activist. He lives in Mississippi where he kicks ass at everything he does.



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Jun 24, 2015

Shikeith is a is a multi-disciplinary artist who makes photographs, video art, films, sculpture and installation. He is the creator and director of a groundbreaking documentary with a social media component called #blackmendream.

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Jun 17, 2015

Jay talks with one of his very favorite artists, Amanda Visell. Amanda is an artist working in such mediums as painting, wood-working, stop-motion, and toy design. She is also a controversial villain with a heart and a Bravo Real Housewives troublemaker hopeful. She and Jay discuss her art, her life, and Mr. T.

Special guest: a crow.

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Jun 10, 2015


Authours Nathan Roberts and Michael Kimpur visit Jay's studio. They chat about Poor Millionaires, a book that follows Nathan and Robert through their heartbreaking and hilarious misadventures across two continents on their way to founding Daylight Center and School for orphans of war in Kenya (


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Jun 3, 2015

More of Jay in LA. He chats with Jeremy Simmons, an award winning documentarian and producer, known for many films and TV shows, including TransGenerationThe Last Bee Keeper and One Punk Under God. He and Jay have an intimate conversation about the filming of One Punk Under God, and about Jay's mom, Tammy Faye. 

May 27, 2015

Jay chats with his best friend, Peter Rollins, in LA. Peter is a writer, speaker, philosopher and theologian.

May 20, 2015

Jay interviews Eric Dressen, pioneer pro skater and tattoo artist, in the LA tattoo parlor where he works. 

May 13, 2015

Beloved Minnesota DJ, Barb Abney and Jay interview each other. They talk music, Cincinnati chili, Prince, Kevin Smith, religion and of course, The Current. 

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May 6, 2015

Part 2 of Jay's talk with David Bazan (Pedro the Lion & Headphones.)

Apr 29, 2015

Jay talks with musician David Bazan (Pedro the Lion and Headphones.) In this first part of a two-parter, Jay and David talk music and religion.  

Apr 22, 2015


Jay and Rev. Lawrence Richardson talk about the struggles of being transgender, queer, African American, and on top of that, being a Christian pastor. Lawrence is the Founding Pastor of Shift UCC (an interactive, online-based ministry), Social Media Strategist for the Center for Progressive Renewal, an activist and a writer.

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Apr 15, 2015

Jay has a chat with Dr. Amy Burdette. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Florida State University. Her research focuses on the influence of religion on the sex lives of teens and young adults. 

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